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Conspiracy theories and myths in the Armenian and Georgian societies
It seems that urban legends and conspiracy theories are part of folklore, and cannot have a significant impact on the consciousness of modern society, but the damage they sometimes cause is great. They often reproduce and reinforce racist, anti-Semitic and anti-scientific approaches. The most toxic forms of these stories lead to violence. With this study, …
We can do it: Give us a chance
Inclusive Education in Armenia and Georgia People who have difficulties with movement, speech and more have secret talents and unlimited opportunities. Governments and societies simply need to be able to make efforts to include them. The governments of Armenia and Georgia ratified the UN’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. National laws made …
(un)Forbidden abortion
Having an abortion after 12 weeks is prohibited in Armenia (the sex of the fetus becomes clear after this point) if there are no directions from the doctor or if evidence of poor social circumstances does not dictate otherwise. Despite this ban, families continue to abort their baby girls. Doctors carry out forbidden selective abortions …
Struggling against domestic violence
The pieces of Armenian revolution
They were not famous, they were just spontaneously leading the protests