‘In 30 years, we did not hear from Azerbaijan what has been heard in Armenia in four months’

 “We have no fewer prospects now than Azerbaijan did in 1994. Since 1994, we did not hear any leader of Azerbaijan say, ‘What happened, happened, let’s recognize it, get over it, and move forward.’ However, this has been said in Armenia over the past four months,” political analyst Vigen Hakobyan told Aravot Daily in response to a question about the prospects we have in order to restore what was lost during the 44-day war.

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“They adopted policies according to which those territories are occupied, and they need to resolve the issue either through negotiations or other methods. They were unable to do that for decades. No matter what Nikol Pashinyan says now, and no matter what he accuses the former regime or the regimes before that of doing all the way back to Kochinyan, the fact remains that the Armenian authorities from Levon Ter-Petrossian to Serzh Sargsyan were able to maintain the front mostly through political and diplomatic methods.”

By setting forth the right tasks, “by turning Nikol’s people into a nation again using the same methods used in the 1980s,” the political analyst believes that we can achieve positive results in a certain perspective, in the context of geopolitical developments that are in our favor. In this sense, he considers the statement adopted by the parliament of Artsakh regarding the de-occupation of the territories lost in the 44-day war to be of utmost importance.

Nelly Grigoryan

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