‘We demand a return to our Hadrut, to our native land’: Hadrut residents protest in front of embassies

“It will be the final destruction of Karabakh if the authorities give in. Now, it is evident that the authorities of Artsakh and Armenia want to give in,” said Levon Hayryan, the president of the For Hadrut NGO during a meeting of the NGO.

Dozens of people from Hadrut, Kashatagh, and Shushi marched to the embassies of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chair nations in order to present their demands.

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They announced near the Russian Embassy to Armenian, “We demand a return to our Hadrut, to our native. We ask and demand this of all ambassadors and embassies. The residents of Hadrut, Shushi, and Kashatagh have gathered here, and you can see what condition they are in. We want to return to our native land. We demand the territories of the former Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast.”

The protesters announced that they will continue protesting until they receive a response from the embassies.

Levon Hayryan assured that their protests do not contain any political elements. They are simply speaking out about their socioeconomic conditions.

He said, “Our main goal is to receive clarifications about the future. Our main demand is a return to our homeland.”

He said that embassies have not accepted them for over a month, and they want to know what the reason is. He assured that they have to be much more aggressive in their demands.

The residents of Hadrut were once again not received by any of the embassies. The French Embassy said that they already received a group of people from Hadrut.

The protesters said that the protests will continue for as long as they are unable to meet with the ambassadors. They will eventually be able to contact the leaders of the respective nations.

Levon Hayryan said that the American Embassy told them that their request was rejected if they do not receive a response within three weeks, and tomorrow will be three weeks.

Levon Hayryan expressed concern about how the Armenian authorities are not carrying themselves in such a way that is appropriate given the situation. “We have not seen appropriate treatment or interest from the Armenian authorities. They are providing us with socioeconomic support, but the state must have national policies, which are lacking here.”

Levon Hayryan said that the majority of people from Hadrut, Shushi, and Kashatagh are on the route from Artsakh to Armenia. They are unable to find themselves anywhere. They want their native land.

He said that 60-70 percent of them are now living in Armenia, but the rest are in Artsakh.

Sasna Tsrer member Pavel Manukyan and former deputy of the Artsakh parliament Vahan Badasyan also participated in the protests.

Tatev Harutyunyan

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