Number of people wanting to learn Azerbaijani language in Armenia is growing

Teachers in Kapan who have had many years of working experience remember when school visits were organized in the Soviet Union between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

There was even an Azerbaijani school in Kapan where Armenian was taught as a second language, and from first until 10th grade, it was a part of the mandatory curriculum. “If I am not mistaken, the Armenian language was also taught in schools in Azerbaijan, because when they would come to Kapan, their students would speak Azerbaijani,” teacher Hasmik Nikoghosyan told Aravot Daily in an interview. According to Hasmik, it is even more important to “know the language of the opponent, especially in Syunik.”

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I was interested in a post that was shared on social media a few days ago. The foreign language and cultural communications club of the NAS RA International Scientific Educational Center will be organizing three-month Azerbaijani language classes online for beginners after January 20th.

Why is the Azerbaijani language so important nowadays? In a phone interview, the head of the club, the dean of the NAS RA ISEC foreign language department, Ph.D. Gohar Grigoryan said that this is the third year in which the classes are being organized. “The club was formed in 2017, and we have always organized classes for Turkish, Azerbaijani, and, of course, other foreign languages,” Gohar Grigoryan said.

Turkish and Azerbaijani language courses began in 2018, and there was always a high demand for them. “At the moment, the number of students wishing to participate in the Azerbaijani lessons has doubled,” Gohar Grigoryan said. Regarding the age group, there are people of all different professions between 18 and 45 years old in the group. By the way, according to the head of the club, all lessons are held by professionals and experts.

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