‘Such an assessment of Shushi by the leader of Armenia is shameful’: Tevan Poghosyan

“It’s embarrassing that the leader of Armenia speaks about the oldest Armenian city using statistics from only the past 100 years,” the President of the International Center for Human Development (ICHD), Tevan Poghosyan, said during a press conference at the Henaran press club.

On January 20th in response to a deputy’s question, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said, “In other words, you want to say that Shushi would remain an Armenian city with a population of 90 percent Azerbaijanis?”

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According to Tevan Poghosyan, such an assessment of Shushi by the leader of Armenia is shameful. He explained, “It is shameful that the leader of Armenia uses statistics from the past 100 years to speak about the only historical Armenian city in the region. These statistics were formed as a result of massacres, Azerbaijani policies, pressure, and ethnic cleansing.”

He said that his maternal grandfather escaped Shushi as a result of the massacres, and every person from Artsakh experiences pain when they hear that word. According to Tevan Poghosyan, perhaps Nikol Pashinyan is using this to find arguments about how this is what he was afraid of. Meanwhile, according to him, a fearless leader who is in the middle of the war should have thought about how he could negotiate and find a solution even if he saw something like that written on paper.

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