Drmbon village leader: ‘If Russian peacekeepers can escort Azerbaijani motorcades, then they should escort our people’

Citizens closed the streets in the Drmbon village of Martuni, Artsakh a few days ago. They were trying to prevent the movement of Azerbaijanis through Artsakh.

In an interview with Aravot Daily, the head of the Drmbon village, Ashot Hakobyan, said that the villagers were not protesting. Instead, they made an offer to the Russian peacekeepers. “If they were escorting the Azerbaijani soldiers to Karvachar, then our people should also be escorted, and their safety should be upheld until they reach Vardenis. The distance from our village to Vardenis is 80 kilometers, but now, people need to travel 400-500 km just to reach Vardenis.”

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Ashot Hakobyan does not have any concerns regarding safety because he believes that Russian peacekeepers will also escort Armenian vehicles. “Just as they escort Azerbaijanis over Armenian territory, they can escort us to Vardenis. I do not think that there will be any problems. It’s true that this isn’t the same, but there are several places in which the Lachin corridor passes by them, and such problems have not occurred yet.”

He believes that a time frame can be established with the Russian peacekeepers according to which Armenian vehicles will be able to pass through that road with an escort. The coordinating group presented this in writing to the Russian side, but they have not received a response yet. “That not only concerns our village. It concerns our region and all of Karabakh because those same people will have to travel 550 kilometers just to reach Vardenis from Martakert when the actual distance is only 110 kilometers.”

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