51 units of special machinery and nearly 300 employees to get involved in snow cleaning activities

Snow cleaning was going on in the capital throughout the night so as to provide proper traffic of public transport. 51 units of machinery and nearly 300 employees of the municipal company engaged in waste removal and sanitary cleaning was involved in the activities. Main streets and highways are cleaned first, secondary streets and yard areas will be cleaned next.

However there are some difficulties in traffic: proper cleaning up is hindered because of cars parked in both sides of streets.

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The “Waste removal and sanitary cleaning” municipal establishment currently serves 10 administrative districts of the capital. Avan and nor Nor Nork are served by the contractor company won in the competition. This year the municipality plans to replenish the machinery of the mentioned above community company so as it could serve all 12 administrative districts of Yerevan.

Yerevan Municipality

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