Lori Regional Rescue Department summarized 2020

On January 20, the final report of Lori Regional Rescue Department of the Rescue Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of RA was presented in the hall of Lori Regional Administration. Aram Khachatryan, Lori Governor,  Armen Pambukhchyan, the Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations, the officials of the Regional Administration and representatives of other interested structures were also present.

Welcoming the participants, the head of the province expressed his gratitude to the employees of the department for their dedicated activity.

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“2020 was quite a difficult year for the regional rescue department. You showed high professionalism, completed all the important tasks assigned to you, actively cooperating with Lori Regional Administration during the days of the epidemic and the war”, said A. Khachatryan.

A. Pambukhchyan also made a welcoming speech.

“Our rescuers ensure the safety of citizens every day by risking their own lives. Your work should be commended”, said he highlighting the intensification of awareness-raising and preventive measures in 2021.

The Head of the Lori Regional Rescue Department, r/s colonel Serob Gabrielyan, presenting the activities of the reporting period, mentioned that he had fully implemented the programs envisaged in the plan of main measures for 2020. The activity of the regional rescue department was aimed at:

• implementation of cooperation with territorial subdivisions of state management and local self-government bodies, organizations within the competence of the department;
• the implementation of activities in the case of coronavirus and martial law;
• the implementation of service during emergency situations, cases, accidents in accordance with the established procedure;
• improvement of the combat effectiveness and discipline of the units.

1176 emergency cases and accidents were registered in the territory of Lori province during 2020, which has decreased by 17.5% compared to the previous year.

According to the Head of the Department special activity was implemented to bring the shelters and hiding places in the region in line with the engineering norms during the war operations. 15 rescuers took part in the military operations.

He also highlighted the need of making the basements of apartment buildings, organizations, private houses look proper, expecting the support of the regional authorities in this matter. The Head of the Department presented the disinfection of public facilities in the region (parking lots, ATMs, markets, etc.) on a daily basis referring to the activities implemented to prevent coronavirus.

It was mentioned that the Subdivisions of the Department were replenished with nine Japanese “Isuzu” vehicles, the Fire and Rescue Squads of Tashir, Gugark and Tumanyan were completely renovated in 2020. Partial repairs were also implemented in the Fire and Rescue Squads not included in the state program. The Head of the Department also referred to the existing problems and the proposed solutions.

The official part of the report ended with the awarding ceremony of the rescuers loyal to their profession. Governor Aram Khachatryan once again highly assessed the activity implemented, reaffirming the readiness of the Regional Administration to support the activities of the Department in every way for the benefit of ensuring the security of the population of the region. The governor handed appreciation letters to the group of devotees of the sphere.

In a number of nominations the best rescuers selected by the profession were awarded with the appreciation letters from the Head of the Department.

Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia

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