‘You are under fire when you go to Shurnukh, Azerbaijanis are only 2-5 meters away’: Deputy

“The fourth kilometer of the route to Shurnukh is under Azerbaijani control. So, you basically enter Azerbaijan and leave. You’re immediately under fire,” Prosperous Armenia deputy Mikayel Melkumyan told reporters in parliament.

Members of ‘Prosperous Armenia’ faction Shake Isayan, Mikayel Melkumyan and Iveta Tonoyan hold parliamentary briefings at the RA NA

“The Azerbaijanis are only 2-5 meters away. How is this issue going to be resolved?” Melkumyan said, adding that demarcation in Syunik using a GPS has caused many risks.

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The deputy noted that Prosperous Armenia deputies visited the 12 families whose homes were transferred to Azerbaijan. He said that they are living in poor socioeconomic conditions. Some of them are now living in metal containers.


Luiza Sukiasyan

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