“AR” TV company has been neither sold, nor donated to anyone

Dear audience,

From January 21, 2021, “AR” TV company will no longer be on the air due to the expiration of the license. “AR” TV company has been neither sold, nor donated to anyone. Even equipment and technical means will not be sold and donated.

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Since 2003, due to significant finances, efforts and time invested by the new owners, the “AR” TV company has created a TV channel with a unique style with more than fifty programs. Having received a new life, the “AR” TV company took on a national, cultural and educational focus. The programs of our own production accounted for 65% of the daily airtime of the TV channel.

In the course of its activity, “AR”, thanks to responsive professional team work, has always defended the interests of the people, remaining loyal to its moral values.

“Azdarar” information service of “AR” TV company has always provided latest and impartial information, serving our national interests.

“AR” TV company has offered its audience the opportunity to enjoy exceptional films. With its programs, “AR” TV company has inspired national dignity, pride in our history and love for our country.

We thank you for appreciating our work and being with us all these years.


Yours faithfully,

Aram Ghazaryan,

Director of “AR” TV company

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