‘Armenian flags were replaced by Russian ones on the route from the city entrance to the cemetery in Stepanakert’: Arman Babajanyan

“Armenian flags were recently replaced by Russian ones on the route from the city entrance to the cemetery in Stepanakert,” deputy Arman Babajanyan said during a session of parliament.

He said that this came after Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov’s press conference, where he essentially made very important claims regarding the Armenian side. “It became clear that, as far as the Russian side understood, the Armenian side and Armenia are the ones entirely responsible for the war. It also became clear that Russia, as a dignified strategic ally, is not prepared to recognize Artsakh’s status and Artsakh’s independence, and this issue will be transferred to the OSCE Minsk Group’s platform.”

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Babajanyan believes that the Armenian parliament has a lot to do here. It needs to provide explanations and clarifications, since uncertainty is destructive. “The parliament needs to at least pass a resolution that would present its position to all Armenians as far as what we think Artsakh’s status should be. Will we continue to be the guarantor of Artsakh’s security or not? No one from Armenia has said that we no longer take on this important responsibility. Aliyev says that the Republic of Artsakh does not exist, and the Russians seem to agree with that claim. The Minsk Group has not been showing any signs of life for us to understand what they have planned for Artsakh’s status. And is Armenia preparing anything regarding this? What status will the people of Artsakh continue to live in? What passports will they possess? Who will maintain ownership and investment immunities? It is not possible for us to not have answers to these important questions.”

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