Azerbaijan’s oil company SOCAR threatening Georgians that stand in solidarity with Artsakh

Public Radio of Armenia.  The ARTSAKH INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY online event is being organized in Georgia today to help the war-affected people of Artsakh.

Organizers have decided to proceed with the event despite the threats from Azerbaijan’s state-owned oil company SOCAR.

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Starting 3 pm Tbilisi time the American, British, French and Georgian art workers will voice their solidarity with the people of Artsakh.

The event that overlaps with Joe Biden’s inauguration day aims to draw his administration’s attention to the South Caucasus.

“The two ancient civilizations of the South Caucasus, Armenian and Georgian, are under direct threat of genocide,” says Irakli Kakabadze, South Caucasus office coordinator for the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy in Washington, DC.

He says the livestream event, featuring songs and words from artists all over the world is a call to the world not to allow Armenia and Georgia to be divided into parts.

“This is an action of solidarity with the people of Artsakh, a message to civilized humanity to prevent planned genocides, such atrocities and wars in general. This is an action against the events taking place in the Caucasus,” Kakabadze told Public Radio of Armenia in an interview.

According to him, foreign terrorist fighters continue to infiltrate into Georgia from Turkey, and the recent war saw them deployed in Nagorno Karabakh, as well.

Kakabadze says “Azerbaijan, together with Turkey, is increasingly expanding its influence in Georgia’s domestic and foreign policy.”

Nervous about the ARTSAKH INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY initiative, the Georgian branch of SOCAR has repeatedly tried to interfere.

“SOCAR representatives have called me and my colleagues, threatening to ‘leave us hungry’ if we do not refuse to hold this event. SOCAR has several thousand “fake factories” here. We know where they are located and what activities they carry out. They have been doing it professionally with billions they possess,” Irakli Kakabadze said.

He believes no threats will stop those struggling for peace and justice.

Organizers of the event also call on viewers to contribute to the cause and help prevent another genocide against peaceful population.

Every donation counts and will go to the Hayastan All-Armenian charity fund, which is offering relief to people suffering from the atrocities of war.

Gita Elibekyan

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