Vardan Voskanyan: ‘Can weapons and tanks be transported along the Nakhichevan road connecting Turkey and Azerbaijan?’

Speaking about the ways out of the situation imposed on Armenia after the document was signed ending the Artsakh war, Iranologist Vardan Voskanyan said that Armenia should form a trilateral alliance with Iran and Russia as a counterbalance to the Turkey-Azerbaijan tandem. According to him, the Armenian government needs to prioritize the operation of the north-south highway, which would connect Armenia’s southern border with Iran to its northern border with Georgia. Instead, the process surrounding the north-south highway is essentially limited to some statements about corrupt deals. And it seems as though no lawsuit has been settled.

“The fact is that the construction of that road is no longer a matter of discussion. Yes, that highway should be constructed at least. All possible routes need to be discussed that would enable us to overcome the embarrassing and shameful points imposed on us in the statements of November 9th and January 11th. The route that would connect Turkey to Nakhichevan and Nakhichevan to Azerbaijan via Armenia is, of course, a Turkic corridor. That is a clear political plan that is close to becoming a reality,” Vardan Voskanyan said, and he brought up several examples of threats. “There is no one in Armenia who isn’t concerned about having a road connecting Azerbaijan and Nakhichevan constructed in southern Armenia upon which Turkish vehicles will pass through the Meghri region. Perhaps they will transport weapons? Has there been any discussion about that? Can weapons and tanks be transported along the Nakhichevan road connecting Turkey and Azerbaijan as a result of open communications? And, if yes, who will allow that? According to the statement made on November 9th, Russian peacekeepers will maintain control over the route.”

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When asked about whether or not all countries in the region wish to emerge from this situation, and if Armenia seems to be the only one that doesn’t want to (or, at least, there have been no visible efforts made in this direction), Vardan Voskanyan responded, “Many people do not consider the people who consider themselves to be in power in Armenia to actually be in charge. They do not even realize what can be considered in the Republic of Armenia’s best interests, let alone how they can pursue those interests. A government that isn’t able to create a list of citizens who are being held captive in Azerbaijan and present that list to mediating countries cannot imagine what would be in Armenia’s interests. Nor can it work towards making sure those interests are implemented. And that is painful.”

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