The war and the ‘daring factor’

To say ‘pleasant’ and ‘inspiring’ things after the defeat and national humiliation of our state means to not learn from what happened and to follow the path of further defeats.

First of all, we must admit that what happened was a defeat and humiliation, which our government does not accept. If it does, then the question arises of why they are still in power.

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The second step needs to be accepting the bitter reality, the reality that is terrible for me to say in particular.

Until 2020, until the coronavirus and the war, many people across the world (including myself) were convinced that democracy and countries that uphold the values of freedom will always have an advantage over dictatorships and states that violate human rights. This belief is based on the ‘presumption’ that individuals, with their inner worlds, value systems, and skills are the most important factor in all hours. But today, my faith is at least shaken, and the reason is the development of technology.

Let me give an example. A taxi driver, of course, has their internal world, but you as the passenger are not interested in what type of cigarette they’re smoking, what music they listen to, and what political views they have. You need them to take you from your house to your workplace safely. And if a car that operates on its own without a driver is even safer, faster, and cheaper, you will obviously choose that type of transportation,

If in terms of efficiency, the inner world, views, free will, and everything else that us liberals believe in is less important than technology, then let us think once again about the world in which we live. Now, let’s move those judgments to the military sphere. Does the same pattern not work? Perhaps it is because of this pattern that Erdogan, who is a corrupt dictator from head to toe, is achieving favorable results in the region (including in Artsakh), and the so-called ‘civilized world’ ruled by liberal ideas can do nothing against it.

Nikol Pashinyan, when he came to power, was convinced that if a war began, then it would be possible to win and capture new territories through people’s and individuals’ daring spirits despite the fact that experts, including the chief of staff of the Armed Forces, warned him that this wouldn’t be possible. Based on this conviction, he essentially failed in negotiations and made thoughtless and extreme statements. Even more, he even thought during the war that it would be possible to win through some miracle and honor.

But the entire problem is that this last war was mostly technological, and it is necessary to have technology that will be triple or quadruple the technology that Turkey has (if we don’t take into consideration the other factors) in order to speak ‘bravely’ to the world. But the most important thing is that we need to consider the fact that the next war (which, in my opinion, is unavoidable) will be even more technological. In order to prepare for that, we need leaders who are knowledgeable and able to think past their personal ambitions.

Aram Abrahamyan

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