What happened to American-Armenian aid: Initiator Malvina Mkhchyan is concerned

Malvina Mkchyan, who moved to Los Angeles 41 years ago, believes that it was God’s will that she moved to America after having children. “God brought me here so that I can be helpful to both my family and my homeland,” she told Aravot Daily in an interview.

According to Malvina, it is difficult to live far away from her homeland when it is in danger. “The war shocked all of us. It disrupted the mental state of those of us living far away. From the beginning of the war, I thought that I must get up and go to Armenia. Then, I thought that perhaps no one would care, and I would not be able to do what I could do from here,” Malvina Mkhchyan said.

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According to her, American-Armenians of all ages felt the homeland’s pain and they tried to do everything they could to help. After confirming what was necessary, Malvina organized a fundraiser and a charity plan to support the homeland.

“We collected sleeping bags, medical supplies, special towels for soldiers to use when they shower at the frontlines, food, medicine, vests, and clothes. We collected everything. Used clothes were sanitized and organized accordingly. Every box weighed around 150-160 kilograms,” Malvina Mkhchyan said. Then, they collected and sent wheelchairs, canes, and crutches for those with disabilities.

Malvina said that aid from conductor Karen Durgaryann and the Help Association was sent to the proper place. “I knew Karen, and I have worked with Help for many years. They are trustworthy colleagues,” she said, noting that she cannot understand the working style of the Arda Charitable Foundation whatsoever. According to Malvina, the humanitarian aid sent to this foundation did not reach those intended.

“Our doctors who returned from Artsakh and Armenia said that if the medical clamps had reached them, they probably would not have needed to amputate the limbs of so many soldiers,” Malvina Mkhchyan said emotionally.

She is grateful to the Ghevondyan church and His Holiness Hovnan Terteryan, who also was involved in this.

Malvina personally spoke to representatives of the Armenian government over the phone. “They were very kind, and they assured me that everything will be taken care of, and there is no need to be worried,” Mkchyan said, adding that they are unable to receive any information from Arda. She thinks that perhaps the goods were placed somewhere and they forgot to distribute them.

She said that she has no intention of speaking negatively about anyone, but she wants to make sure that goods sent from America are given to those who need them.

We tried to call the Arda Charitable Foundation using the numbers listed on Spyur at different times of the day. However, they did not answer. At the same time, we tried to find out more from the website listed on Spyur. The charity’s website is not working. We are prepared to publish the Arda Charitable Foundation’s perspective.


P.S. We will speak about some of Malvina Mkchyan’s other charity initiatives in the future.


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