Brief report on the activities accomplished – 2020. Yerevan Municipality

The brief report on the activities we accomplished in 2020 can be seen below:

Waste removal and snow cleaning

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– The municipal facilities for waste removal and sanitary cleaning were built
– 51 of 112 unites of machinery is used in snow cleaning activities
– The process of waste sorting was initiated


– Purchase of 100 compact buses was financed from the city budget. The process will be continued in 2021
– New bus park was built

Secure traffic

– 100 pedestrian crossings were illuminated, 18 crossings were furnished with traffic lights with pedestrian call buttons
– Lights in all tunnels of the city were restored
– Night illumination network is equipped with new LED lamps.

Health care

– Policlinics have been replenished with up-to-date equipment
– All ambulance stations have been renovated for the first time since the 1980s


– 212 thousand bushes were planted
– 6300 linear metres of irrigation networks was restored, 4300 linear metres of new irrigation network was installed
– New gardening equipment was purchased


– Community theatres are renovated and re-furnished

New elevators

– 500 elevators were replaced with new ones

Building and improvement

– 12 kindergartens were renovated, 15 more ones are in the process of renovation
– 65 yard areas were well-arranged
– The new building of the Centre for Stray Animals Neutralization was built
– City parks are being improved (6th segment of Circle Park, Saryan’s Park, 16th chain park, Kanaker HPP park)
– Construction of bypass road and bride is going on

COVID-19 and war

– Free testing in 12 policlinics
– Social assistance to lonely pensioners
– Aid delivery to Artsakh was organized in administrative districts
– 200 million drams for Stepanakert
– Returning of Artsakh residents home was organized by city buses


Yerevan Municipality

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