‘They were commanded to go in wrong directions, we suffered many losses’: Father of fallen soldier

Dozens of parents of fallen soldiers, soldiers missing in action, or potential prisoners of war gathered in front of the Military Investigation Administration of the Investigative Committee of Armenia in order to raise awareness about their sons.

They told reporters that the committee had organized the meeting, and they wrote applications in accordance with the data they had. “We found my son’s body on our own with the information and location we were provided. We brought his body back and buried him. We filed a criminal case in November against the administrative staff,” Garik Mkhitaryan told reporters. He is the father of Mkhitar Mkhitaryan, who died on October 6th.

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“There are high-ranking officials, generals, and commanders of platoons and battalions who must be held responsible because this issue has not been resolved yet. There are people who must be interrogated, but they’re telling us here that those people were interrogated in Artsakh. The circumstances are not satisfactory in order for the resolution of this problem to not remain up in the air. I do not think that they are trying to delay it, but instead, I think that there are too many cases,” the father said.

According to him, there are still parents who have not filed cases. The Investigative Committee told them to come and present applications. “We shouldn’t gather data and bring it to the Investigative Committee, but… We gave them a soldier. They should ask the military base how many soldiers there were, how many were wounded, and how many were taken prisoner, but no one has any facts.”

Regarding the fact that commanders should be held responsible, Garik Mkhitaryan said, “They commanded our soldiers to go in the wrong direction, and as a result of these wrong commands, we suffered many losses. The majority of soldiers are either dead or wounded. The rest have some sort of disability or illness. And yet, they still want to take our soldiers to Artsakh.”

Luiza Sukiasyan

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