Gagik Ginosyan: ‘I thanked the Prime Minister for not awarding Leonid Azgaldyan the title of hero, that title was not given by dirty hands’

Yesterday, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan met with members of the Public Council of Armenia. The meeting was very intense. Some members of the Public Council demanded the Prime Minister’s resignation in their speeches.

A member of the Public Council, national dance specialist, author, Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Armenia, and the founder and Artistic Director of the Karin Folk Song and Dance Ensemble, Gagik Ginosyan, was also present at the meeting. In an interview with Aravot Daily, Ginosyan provided some details. According to him, 14 of the 44 members of the Public Council were present. Ginosyan announced his desire to resign from the Public Council.

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“I spoke in a very insulting tone, very harshly, almost as if I were giving a verdict. Pashinyan was trying to oppose all questions, but in the case of my speech, he said, ‘Since yours was a speech, I will not answer.’ I offered to exchange the members of the government and the My Step faction with the Armenian prisoners of war. At least those boys will return. I said, ‘I am grateful that he did not award Leonid Azgaldyan with the title of hero, that title was not given by dirty hands.”

According to the media, Nikol Pashinyan told the members of the Public Council that he discussed the issue of his resignation with his political party. “As soon as I feel the necessity to resign, I will do it.” However, Nikol Pashinyan said that he does not see the necessity right now because he does not want to evade responsibility.

Regarding this, Ginosyan said that the Prime Minister said he discussed the issue with the members of his political party, but he did not say that he would resign if he needs to. “He said that he will not resign to prevent future instability and to stay loyal to the votes he was given. I called him a traitor and reminded him of Melik Frangyan’s fate. To this day, Melik Frangyan’s grave has not been marked, and 300 years later, people still litter around it.”

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