‘Dumanyan did not write an alternative text for the YSU Board of Trustees, he made observations’: Minister’s spokesperson

Aravot Daily attempted to clarify from the newly-appointed Minister of Education, Science, Culture, and Sport, Vardan Dumanyan, whether or not news spreading in the media is true that he demanded the resignation of Nikol Pashinyan and the government three days before his appointment. According to news.am, he was the author of the YSU Board of Trustees alternative text that he also sent to the other members of the Board of Trustees that demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister and his government. The text referenced the crisis and tense atmosphere in society in the aftermath of the agreement signed on November 9th.

Since Dumanyan stopped answering phone calls after he was appointed minister, we emailed his newly-appointed press secretary, Gegham Melikbekyan.

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The minister’s press secretary announced the following. “The minister did not write any statement. As the YSU website states, Mr. Dumanyan was not a part of the working committee. He was offered to be included in the committee, but he refused and was not included.

The next day, when another session of the Board of Trustees was to take place where they would accept the text, the members of the Board of Trustees sent the committee’s working group the text beforehand so they could look over it. Mr. Dumanyan simply made some observations to the text that had to do with unity in society and solving the problem constitutionally. He made changes to the text that would make it suitable for the university and that it would be a full evaluation of the situation.

But that text was not discussed during the Board of Trustees session, and it was not voted upon. Mr. Dumanyan also voted against the university’s general statement. Therefore, Mr. Dumanyan did not write any new text. He simply wanted the text to be suitable for the university, he wanted it to give a full evaluation of the situation, and he wanted to include a point about the crisis being resolved constitutionally.”

Gohar Hakobyan

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