‘One girl came with her brother’s photo; he fell prisoner 27 years ago’: Narek Margaryan

“I almost don’t know anyone who doesn’t agree that this government should resign. In my opinion, social forces and political movements will work more effectively if the main focus of these gatherings is on the government’s resignation,” ArmComedy’s political and satirical host Narek Margaryan told journalists.

Armenian intellectuals presented their next letter to the US embassy demanding the return of Armenian prisoners of war and civilians in Azerbaijan.

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“Our method has two steps. Cultural figures present their letters and call upon society to send emails to international agencies. It is possible to send emails to dozens of agencies within five minutes that we created along with the Human Rights Defender’s office,” Narek Margaryan said.

Narek Margaryan
Narek Margaryan

Narek Margaryan shares English letters on his Facebook page every day along with the necessary emails, and calls upon people to send those letters to international agencies.

“New videos of Armenian prisoners being tortured are shared online every day. We don’t even have a clear number for how many prisoners there are, which is concerning. Yesterday, something sad happened during one of the gatherings. One girl came carrying a picture of a soldier wearing a Soviet uniform. She said that it is her brother who fell prisoner 27 years ago and has still not been found. The girl came to show her solidarity. Her brother hasn’t returned in 27 years,” Narek Margaryan said.

He also said that he does not understand why there are clear timelines for when land needs to be transferred in the trilateral agreement, but there is no clear timeline for the exchange of prisoners.

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