Artsakh’s President sees opportunity to form a government of national accord

Public Radio of Armenia. Artsakh’s President Arayik Harutyunyan has started political consultations with a wide range of political and public circles to discuss the current challenges and future plans.

“Depending on the intermediate results, I see an opportunity to form a government of national accord to combine the efforts of all of us for the security and development of the Homeland and the well-being of the people,” President Harutyunyan said in a Facebook post.

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“If in my speech at the inauguration of the President of the Republic I mentioned that my hand of solidarity and cooperation will always be extended to all my compatriots, now I would like to emphasize that in this critical and decisive moment my hands will always be extended to anyone who is ready to lay at least one brick. on the wall of reconstruction of our Motherland,” the President said.

Therefore, he urged everyone to unite not only for getting out of this situation with joint efforts, but also taking a long way to development and strengthening, “which is the only way to ensure a dignified life for us and future generations.”

“I expect that each of us will put aside our personal and group ambitions and interests and will serve shoulder to shoulder for the same national goals,” he President concluded.

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