More streets in the capital are provided with energy saving illumination

The second stage of the cooperation program between Yerevan Municipality and the UN Development Program office in Armenia has been completed. As a result 674 LED lamps have been installed in Yeznik Koghbatsi, Zakyan, Fuchik, David Anhaght, Rubinyants, Armenakyan, Gevorg Hovsepyan streets and Guy avenue. Within the current year energy saving LED lamps were installed in Davtashen and Nubarashen administrative districts as well as in Leningradyan, Shiraz, Hasratyan, Hakob Hakobyanm streets and in the area from Kievyan bridge up to Barekamutyun metro station.

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To ensure safe traffic for pedestrians and drivers the program of illumination of pedestrian crossings has been completed. The program mainly involved the areas where accidents had been rather frequent.

Yerevan Municipality

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