34-year-old Artur from Gyumri, who was a graduate of the Military Aviation University, saved the lives of his staff

Thirty-four-year-old Artur Grigoryan from Gyumri died during the war unleashed by Turkey and Azerbaijan in Artsakh. He has two daughters who are 3 and 5 years old.

His friends in combat and relatives described him as a patriotic individual who never knew what fear was.

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Artur Grigoryan had done a lot to organize the Department of Signal Troops, as well as in army building. During his service, he was awarded several diplomas and medals (see photos).

In 2007, he graduated from the Armenak Khanperyants Military Aviation University with honors. Then, he went to Artsakh and was appointed director of the communication division. His friends in combat confirmed that he loved Artsakh very much, especially Mataghis. It was almost as if that was where he was born.

“I cannot live without Mataghis. If I have to die, let me die in Mataghis,” he always said. And that is where Artur Grigoryan was immortalized, giving his life for his country.

He was a very daring and responsible person. When the war began, he directly participated in many tense and heavy battles.

One of his friends spoke to him a few hours before he died. The hero told his friend to relax because the Armenians were moving forward. They were winning.

He told his family to take care of his children so that he could return and celebrate his victory.

The hero’s wife, Syuzanna Paskevichyan, said, “For my husband, Artur, patriotism is a responsibility for each and every Armenian soldier to ensure the peaceful nights of family and the Armenian nation and the right of Armenian children to grow up and play under peaceful skies. He thought patriotic people had dignity, and it was more important than anything else. During his last days, he never complained about the situation concerning the battles. He was completely with us when he spoke to us on the phone. He never was detached from our everyday lives. He spoke about his future plans, which, unfortunately, remained incomplete… My husband has a strong fighting spirit, and that fighting spirit is how he died a hero’s death. I think that people fighting in war can predict things. Artur also felt something since he made a conscious decision to go. He saved the lives of all his staff members. He died to give many people life.”

According to his friend in combat, Zaven, “Artur, as a volunteer during the battles, carried out his duties wonderfully. We know that it is impossible to carry out any operations without communication. He willingly took that responsibility and duty upon himself since he was well aware of everything in his surroundings.”

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