Fallen soldier Arshak Tonoyan, nicknamed ‘Bear,’ did not get to see firstborn

After fighting for 10 days at the frontlines, 30-year-old Arshak Tonoyan, who was nicknamed ‘Bear’ in the Anushavan village of the Shirak village, fell in battle. His childhood friend, Ghevond Davtyan, told Aravot Daily that Arshak had volunteered to fight in the first days of the war.

“When the fighting began on September 27th, he was working in Meghri. He volunteered in Meghri and went to fight in Hadrut. He fought at the frontlines from September 28th until October 7th. They were intense fights. Five of them went together and were separated. Two of them went to one base and three went to another. He was one of the three. Only he died. He was wounded by a mine explosion. The fragments penetrated his internal organs, and he died on the battlefield,” Ghevond Davtyan said.

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Arshak Tonoyan, like many volunteers, did not tell his family members about his decision. He only told them when he was on his way to the front. Arshak Tonoyan did not get to see his firstborn. His daughter, Angelina, was born 15 days after he died: yesterday.

“We were friends since childhood. He was a great person: friendly, brave, and outgoing,” Ghevond Davtyan remembered.

According to him, he spoke to Arshak several times on the phone. He said that Arshak inspired him and his family members every time he called. “He would say that everything is fine, we will win, we’re far ahead of the enemy. They fought a tense war for 10 days.”

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