‘Shows’ and real policies

The position of the Russian elite that is expressed by Russian political analysts in “shows” has several general lines regardless of their favor towards us or Azerbaijanis. The purpose is for a ceasefire to be agreed upon only with the help of peacekeepers. According to many political analysts, the solution to the entire problem is to create something similar to the Soviet Union or the Russian Empire where they believe that Armenians and Azerbaijanis will live among each other peacefully and harmoniously. This project is, of course, utopian. First, there wasn’t any “harmony” or “peace” even until 1988. Second, Russia does not have the political and economic resources to maintain an empire. As far as I understood from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech yesterday, he is in favor of sending Russian peacekeepers to Artsakh, but he does not have any specific plans for establishing lasting peace. Putin wants to maintain equally positive relations with Armenia and Azerbaijan, as well as develop economic and military-technical cooperation with Turkey. That is a real policy, and not just a “show.”

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