US Ambassador promises to meet with protesters, they threaten to take extreme measures: ‘We will camp out here in tents and surround the embassy if necessary’

A protest took place outside of the US Embassy in Armenia. A woman from Artsakh presented her demand with tears in her eyes: stop the new genocide that is being carried out by two terrorist states. “Today, you once again see Armenian women and children who were forced to leave their homes with the same message of 1915. It took me a lot of effort to come here because I lost my older brother merely days ago. But I am trying to find the strength. I left my three children at home and came here to demand that the silent world wake up. It’s enough. Open your eyes and stand for justice.”

The women and mothers gathered by the US Embassy began to sing “The Soldier’s Song” in an effort to gain the sympathy of the embassy employees.

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Three of the protesters were invited into the embassy to present their demands.

One of the protest coordinators, Liana Adamyan, later said that they met with the chair of the diplomatic department. “We gave and presented our demand. We also demanded a meeting with Ambassador Tracy. We said that we are expecting a quick response. Otherwise, we would come back with tents and stay here. We do not have another homeland or place to live.”

Regarding the embassy’s response, Liana Adamyan said that the protesters gave the embassy a letter about the procedure, and they told their stories. “They supported us. We demanded that the US avoid doing nothing and simply making statements. We demand action: the recognition of Artsakh, because there is a genocide taking place today in Artsakh. It’s enough, and it’s time for the US to stop discrediting itself.”

The embassy promised that the protesters will have the opportunity to meet with the ambassador. The protesters gave the embassy their phone numbers to schedule days and times. According to Liana Adamyan, they will wait until the meeting takes place. If it does not happen, they will take extreme measures. “We will come here with tents and surround the embassy. If necessary, we will live here so that they can see that there are also refugees from Artsakh. Our rights must be defended. Artsakh’s independence must be recognized. We were never a minority, and the legal basis exists to show that Azerbaijan accepted and recognized our independence in accordance with Soviet laws. We demand that the US recognize Artsakh.”

The protesters also thanked all the US senators who stood for justice and issued statements in support of Artsakh.

Hripsime Jebejyan

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