Unity on the political front

If we were to try and formulate the Prime Minister’s message in a different way, that means that we would need to achieve such success during these hostilities that Azerbaijan and Turkey would understand that it is pointless to continue the war. A ceasefire would need to be reached, then an armistice, and after that, the issue would need to be resolved at the negotiations table, where both countries would need to agree to not present us with an ultimatum of capitulation. But I do not think that means that foreign policy activities need to be put on hold. The President of Armenia’s visit to Brussels and the Minister of Foreign Affairs’ visit to Moscow and Washington are proof of continuous efforts. The meeting of all the former presidents of Armenia and Artsakh can be considered within the framework of the political process. I believe that the message for our society is clear: these public figures found the strength to set aside their differences when the homeland is in danger. In terms of content, I expect that the former presidents will use their experience and connections to present our truth to decision-makers across the world. Joint efforts are also necessary on the political front.

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