Covid-19: Armenia reports 2306 new cases, 568 recoveries

Public Radio of Armenia. As of October 22, 11:00 AM, 70836 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Armenia with 49787 recoveries and 1131 deaths. 19591 patients with COVID-19 are currently undergoing treatment. In total, 362293 tests have been completed.

Thus, 5189 tests were done yesterday, of which we have 2306 new cases and 568 recoveries.

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Regarding the latest cases of death, the patients were 66 (female), 81 (female), 69 (male), 73 (female), 70 (male), 68 (male), 69 (male), 70 (female), 60 (female) and 58 (male) years old. All had pre-existing chronic diseases.

6 cases of death were registered yesterday when the patients tested positive for COVID-19, but the cause of death was another disease. The total of such cases is 327.

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