“You are soldiers too”: Mayor Marutyan sees off Emergency brigades to Artsakh

These days the brigades of the municipal Emergency service are fully involved in transportation of the servicemen wounded in Artsakh to Yerevan. Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan came to see the brigades off to Artsakh and to wish them a safe trip.

The head of Emergency service Taguhi Stepanyan informed that 234 patients had already been transported to Yerevan recently.
“We feel proud to have such guys among our compatriots. You are soldiers too, there is no difference as you fight at the same frontline, in the same danger, with the same feeling that human lives depend on you”, noted the Mayor and stressed that it’s highly important to ensure proper work of Emergency service in Yerevan as well.
Expressing gratitude for devoted and responsible work Mayor Marutyan assured that the city authorities will go on development and modernization of the primary health care.

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