Roaming rate in Artsakh reduced to 5 AMD: Armenian operators’ announcement

As a result of negotiations between the three Armenian operators and «Karabakh Telecom» CJSC and the partial restoration and bandwidth increase of the main mobile operator in Artsakh, an agreement was reached on reducing roaming rates:

Accordingly, starting October 1st, 2020 from 18:00, incoming and outgoing roaming calls from the +374 97 (Karabakh Telecom CJSC) network to the networks of three Armenian operators (previously 14 AMD per minute), as well as to the phone numbers of “Karabakh Telecom” mobile and fixed networks (previously 28 AMD per minute) will be at the rate of 5 AMD per 1 minute.

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The SMS (short) messages to the above mentioned networks will also cost 5 AMD.

The announced rate will be valid until further notice.

The reduction of tariffs is conditioned by the decision of “Karabakh Telecom” CJSC, taking into account the current technical capabilities of the operator.

In the meantime, we urge you to make calls only in case of extreme emergency, to keep the “Karabakh Telecom” network as less congested as possible.

In order to prevent misunderstandings and unnecessary speculations, we consider it necessary to inform you once again that roaming is a standard of the industry, which is technically implemented based on the international and local legal regulations in the field of telecommunications.

Armenian operators do not have the right to cancel roaming, they operate within the framework of state-issued licenses and legal acts adopted by the PSRC, exclusively within the internationally recognized borders of the Republic of Armenia.




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