We are doing what we’re supposed to do, let the others worry

Nobody thinks that the people who “came” to Azerbaijan from Syria or Libya are violinists or scientists, right? All the open and, I’m sure, “closed” sources prove that they are Turkish-sponsored international terrorists who have committed many crimes in the Middle East. For our soldiers, of course, it does not matter who is dressed in the uniform of the Azerbaijani army; if a person comes to our border with a weapon, they must be destroyed regardless of who they are. Which is what is happening. However, countries that have a role to play in the region have a lot to worry about, I think. Having pro-Turkish terrorists in the South Caucasus presents a danger for Georgia, Iran, and Russia. (By the way, for Azerbaijan as well, but Ilham Aliyev does not have the intellectual capability to understand that). Putin understands that, of course, since his country has dealt with that problem before.

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