Journalists of came under shelling in Martuni

Journalists of the French Le Monde newspaper came under shelling in Martuni.
They are injured.
The deputy director of Dojd TV also came under shelling, he was taken to a bomb shelter.
During the coverage of the hostilities, the camera crew of the Zham news agency was also attacked. Cameraman Aram Grigoryan was injured. The injury, fortunately, is light. Aram Grigoryan is a participant of the April war.
The city of Martuni in Artsakh, where the five-member film crew of CivilNet works, was shelled by Grad ․ There are no casualties.
24News journalist Sevak Vardumyan was among the group of journalists targeted by the Azerbaijani armed forces in Martuni. He was injured in the back; at the moment is on the way to the hospital.

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