Vahram Poghosyan: Azerbaijan is trying to eliminate its ethnic minorities in every way possible

During a briefing at the Artsakh InfoCenter, the spokesperson for the President of Artsakh, Vahram Poghosyan, presented important information provided by intelligence. “It seems that the majority of Azerbaijani casualties at the frontline were ethnic minorities. This is confirmed information gathered by the intelligence. We can specifically state that 148 Lezgin soldiers died in one direction alone. There are also hundreds of Talysh casualties. This has caused a lot of dissatisfaction among ethnic minorities in Azerbaijan according to our information. And we will most likely witness protests among those minorities because these facts once again prove that Azerbaijan is also carried out provocative actions against its ethnic minorities. I want to inform our international colleagues in the media that this kind of ethnic cleansing also took place against the Armenians in Artsakh during the Soviet Union when Artsakh was a part of Soviet Azerbaijan. I want to present an argument that will be of interest to the international media. An analysis from World War Two suggested that 1 out of 19 men in Azerbaijan participated in the war, but 1 in 3 men in Artsakh participated. This is proof that Azerbaijan is trying to eliminate the ethnic minorities living on its territory in every way possible,” Vahram Poghosyan said.

Ashot Hakobyan

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