‘This is another example of real-politics in COVID-time’: Armen Ashotyan

“Natalya Tikhanovskaya, the leader of Belarusian protests, is being hosted by many powerful politicians. The high-level meetings in a row, talks about the need of democratic changes, even revolution in that country.
In Armenia the change of the government 2 years ago, called “velvet revolution”, was very warmly welcomed by the same international political circles. A bunch of statements, celestial promises, sweet-lips appreciations. And now when Aliyev+Erdogan, the most disgusting dictators, are playing bloody war card in the region, the very same institutions don’t lift a finger to stop murderous acts of Azerbaijani-Turkish aggression against Armenians. War in the Nagorno-Karabakh, if not stopped immediately by international community, is a token of decaying and festering international liberal order, where wording is a shelter of hypocrisy and rule of jungle is a new reality. We will fight for ourselves.
Think beyond.”  Armen Ashotyan said in a FB post

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