The Armenia-Artsakh military alliance is imperative in these conditions: Advisor to the President of Artsakh

Aravot Daily interviewed the advisor to the President of Artsakh on international relations, Nelly Baghdasaryan

– What is the situation right now, what is your assessment?

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The overall assessment of the situation so far is: according to official data, as of 13:00 on September 30, our opponent used Turkish F-16 multifunctional aircraft in the north-east and then in the south directions of the Defense Army. At the moment, fierce battles are continuing on the entire front line. The Defense Army has made significant progress in several directions. The technical and human losses of the enemy are growing.

– What is the mood in Artsakh?

The mood in the Republic of Artsakh is essentially the following: there is an absolute trust in the military-political elite of the country, the statements made at the level of the head of the state, made at the official level of the Defense Army are encouraged by and widely spread among the society. I think, that in this case, the self-confidence of the head of the state, fighting spirit, giving realistic assessments to the realities, giving operative solutions to the problems that have arisen, which in this case has a contagious effect, are important.

We pay close attention to the opponent’s Azeri websites, social network posts, it should be said that along with false euphoric moods, which is of course directed, panic moods are noticeable, as well as ironic moods to the loud statements made by the country’s military-political elite, promises of occupation of Artsakh.

– This conflict is again in the center of the world’s attention. Announcements are heard from various international organizations. How would you assess the fact that the international community continues to equate when in the fact there are clear evidences of Azerbaijani-Turkish aggression against Armenia and Azerbaijan?

At the moment, the international community continues to respond to the Azerbaijani-Karabakh war, calling for an end to the hostilities, but as our opponent remains Azerbaijan with its destructive, aggressive  behavior, we think that the levers of restraint here are again in the hands of the Artsakh’s Defense Army. The Defense Army of the Republic of Artsakh brilliantly fulfills its combat tasks, causing a disproportionate loss of human and military equipment to the Azerbaijani side.

– These days, there are also rumors at the official level about the need to sign a military-political alliance between Artsakh and Armenia. Do you think this is the right time to sign that alliance?

On September 27, it was announced by the President of Artsakh that Turkey has the most direct and most immediate involvement in the conflict, in fact declaring itself a side of the conflict. The statements and actions of the Turkish military-political leadership in their militant content go even beyond the relevant statements of Azerbaijan. We can talk about the de jure resumed format of the conflict: Azerbaijan and Turkey are united. The military-political alliance of the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh is imperative in these conditions, based on the fact that the Republic of Armenia is the guarantor of the security of the Republic of Artsakh.

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