‘We are civilized, we do not understand vandalism against churches or monuments’: Deputy

“A building next to the St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian church in San Francisco was burned. On behalf of the parliament, I deeply condemn all crimes based on ethnicity and religion. I hope that local authorities and law enforcement will be able to make sufficient efforts in the coming hours to find the criminals responsible,” My Step deputy Mkhitar Hayrapetyan said during a session of parliament.

He said that it still remains unknown who carried out this crime, but it is not difficult to guess who instigated it after taking into consideration the vandalism that occurred at the Armenian church in San Francisco in the aftermath of the July skirmishes.

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“The Komitas statue in Paris and other Armenian monuments were also vandalized. We are civilized, and we do not understand vandalism against schools, churches, or monuments. But taking into consideration the fact that our neighboring countries are behind these activities, it is no longer a surprise to us,” Hayrapetyan said.

Luiza Sukiasyan

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