Legitimacy is not a guarantee against change

The perspective of the majority of those who are disappointed is as follows. Since parliament and, particularly, the political majority have chosen the legal path, that is a guarantee in and of itself that the ruling party will include individuals who have morals, intellect, and civil values who will elect people with the same values to the Constitutional Court. But it is obvious that having a legitimate government does not mean that angelic deputies and judges will fall from the sky. That is simply one of the catalysts that will encourage change within the systems, which will change the content and quality of relationships with society. Are such changes in the best interest of the authorities? Most likely not.

Regardless of whether the country is a presidential or parliamentary republic, the leader will naturally feel more comfortable when there are 88-90 people in parliament who will do exactly what the leader says in any circumstance and regardless of their own personal views. This, of course, is due to the constitutions drafted by the first, second, or third presidents. And, by the way, there is no guarantee that the new constitution won’t be made to suit the current leader.

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Aram Abrahamyan

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