A fight and an embarrassing situation on Raffi Street: How a woman tried to escape from the police and got caught

A little while ago on Raffi Street in the Malatia-Sebastia district of Yerevan, a fight broke out. Several police officers caught a woman for not wearing a mask. She claimed that she was wearing a mask. The police did not allow the woman to leave; they told her to wait until the police car arrived. The woman complained, “What car? Am I a criminal? I don’t feel well, let me leave.” Then, the woman started to scream and cry.

Suddenly, men from the neighborhood got involved, and they warned the police to speak appropriately to the woman. “Is this how you speak to a woman? You made her upset.” The police grabbed the woman’s arm and tried to take her into custody. She said, “You broke my arm.”

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A few young men couldn’t stand what they were seeing and tried to get involved. “She’s not feeling well, let her have a drink… It’s not like she’s a terrorist for you to take her away like that.” That was when the fight began. Passersby began to approach the police and expressed willingness to pay the fine for the woman as long as the police stopped treating an Armenian woman like that.

With all the commotion, the police suddenly realized that their main target- the woman who wasn’t wearing a mask- was gone. She tried to escape and the police ran after her.

Later, the police caught the woman in between two buildings. They took her to the police car and drove her to the station.

Hripsime Jebejyan

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