‘Children were standing with their hands raised like war prisoners, what happened to their rights?’: Naira Zohrabyan

During a session of parliament, Prosperous Armenia deputy Naira Zohrabyan presented photos that were circulating on social media. One of these photos portrayed students with their hands raised so they could have their temperatures checked. In the other photo, children were maintaining social distancing while holding onto a rope.

“There have and always will be people who are more Catholic than the pope, including teachers who are carrying out orders with such pleasure that we get the following result. Young children were standing with their hands raised like war prisoners in rows so that this woman, who was most likely their teacher, could check their temperature. What is the purpose for making children do this if it was possible to approach the child and check their temperature from their wrist?” Naira Zohrabyan stressed.

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Zohrabyan asked a question about the children who were holding the rope. “Why are you doing this to follow the orders of the ministry? This is slavery. Parents, why are you letting them make your children stand like that when it was possible to check their temperature from their wrists without going that far. This is what will remain in these children’s memories from their first day of first grade. What happened to the childrens’ rights? Why aren’t we talking about that?”

Luiza Sukiasyan

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