‘The Armenian and Kurdish people have a common enemy- the Turkish government’: Knyaz Hasanov

“In July, Azerbaijan carried out widespread sabotage against the Armenian borders. During that time, Turkey stood next to Azerbaijan. Turkey announces every day that it plans to destroy the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and the Kurdish people regardless of where they are living. Every day, Turkey carries out a large-scale genocide against the Kurdish people,” My Step deputy and chair of the Kurdish National Council of Armenia, Knyaz Hasanov, said during a session of parliament.

“Our Kurdish sources in Syria announced months ago that Turkish authorities in Syria sponsor Islamic militants to go to Azerbaijan. We condemn Turkey’s actions and profess our support to the Armenian people. There are 40 million Kurds who are friends to the Armenian people. Kurdish deputies in the Turkish parliament have frequently raised the issue of the Armenian Genocide and faced significant pressure,” Knyaz Hasanov added.

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He stressed, “The Armenian and Kurdish people have a common enemy- the Turkish authorities. Our people need to cooperate and negotiate among political parties.”

Luiza Sukiasyan

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