Legislative changes are vital in the field of public service: new appointment in “Special Service of Population” NCO

Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan introduced the acting head of “Special Service of Population” Community NCO Vahe Khachatryan to the staff of the organization. The organization coordinates the process of allocation of land plots at community cemeteries and other functions related to the sphere. The Mayor marked that certain legislative changes and regulations are necessary to make the field work more efficiently.

Touching upon the peculiarities of the sphere Mayor Marutyan attached importance to interaction with citizens and stressed that any corruption risk must be excluded in the sphere of special public services.
“Elimination of any corruption in the Municipality and all municipal CJSCs and Community NCOs is the primary task I have set for myself. It’s not a secret that corruption used to be rather widespread in the Municipality and community-owned companies. Today we have done our best to eradicate corruption from community-owned companies and the Municipality. However, it does not mean the problems have been solved once and for all: there are still some people who try to something on the quiet. There is no system corruption but there are some individuals in intermediate links who appear to break the law. Our law enforcement bodies rapidly reveal such cases. Some problems are rapidly eliminated due to our Department of Control. I’d like to state that any corruption mechanisms, any permeation of criminal influence are unacceptable for me”, stressed the Mayor.

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