Eric did not believe that he would relive the terror of Sumgait… this time, in Moscow

Journalist Naira Baghdasaryan wrote on her Facebook page about Eric Ananyan, who was attacked by Azerbaijanis in Moscow.

“Eric is receiving treatment at the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery at the Inozemtsev City Clinical Hospital in Moscow after being attacked by Azerbaijanis. He had surgery on his jaw, which was successful. The head doctor in the department is an Armenian.

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The doctor provided Eric with a separate room and said that Eric will be released next week. Eric also has a concussion, a problem with his cornea, and his teeth were also damaged.

Eric is a mechanic by profession. He is married and has four children. He was born in Sumgait, Azerbaijan and was 12 years old when the massacres took place. His family moved to Armenia and then to Russia.

Eric said that he did not believe he would relive the terror of Sumgait… this time, in Moscow. He is very worried about the fact that he will not be able to go out and work for a period of time to provide for his family.

The preliminary investigation for Eric’s case continues. Seven people are in custody, although the number of people who carried out the attacks is approximately 30. Eric is worried that the criminals may be able to escape or get out with a light punishment. If that happens, he will appeal to the European Court of Human Rights to prove that they are not hooligans, but instead that they wanted to commit murder due to ethnic prejudice. According to him, this group of criminals should not only be punished, but they also should be forced to compensate for the physical and moral damages. Eric said that he will need to pay a lot of money to fix only his teeth, not to mention everything else.

That is why he wants the lawyer in charge of their case, Narek Kostanyan, to make sure that the right sentence and maximal compensation are administered. Eric is also worried about the safety of him and his family.

He spoke about what happened to him once again. People are asking on social media if they were unable to drive away and escape from the criminals. Eric said that they weren’t because the light was red at that moment and that particular light remains red for two minutes. He said that if they were to drive away, they would have been forced to navigate the large crowds of pedestrians.”

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