Armenian Army ready, waiting for an order: Defense Minister responds to Azerbaijani warmongering

Public Radio of Armenia. Armenian Defense Minister David Tonoyan has responded to the belligerent rhetoric of the Azerbaijani leadership.

With regard to Azerbaiani President Ilham Aliyev’s call to “liberate territories before it’s too late,” the Defense Minister said it’s unclear to the Armenian side when this “too late” is.

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“The Prime Minister of Armenia and the President of the Artsakh Republic always refrain from such statements, calling for peace and continued negotiations, instead. Therefore, such statements are unclear to us,” he noted

“As Defense Minister I would like to understand when this “too late” is, because it beyond our analytical capacities,” Tonoyan added.

Regarding the Azerbaijani Defense Minister’s statements that their Army is ready to start actions and is waiting for a relevant order from the President, Tonoyan said the Armenian army is also ready waiting for an order.

“The recent military actions near Tavush were a bright proof of the fact that the rival failed to succeed and sustained a number of losses, despite using state-of-the-art weapons,” the Armenian Defense Minister stated.

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