Is ignorance power?

Until the 16th century, there were no “white areas” on world maps. People knew that their piece of land existed, and beyond that lived monsters, dragons, and giants. According to the modern Armenian perspective, these monsters now include Soros, Bill Gates, and the Masons. Racism is one of the biggest demonstrations of ignorance; “white people are stronger and more hardworking than black people, Aryans are more well-rounded than other races, my nation is peaceful but my neighbor is bloodthirsty.” Ignorant people are intolerage; “homosexuals are immoral, but we are moral.” They also suffer from historical provincialism; “everything was being stolen from us prior to 2018, but now everything is prospering.” The opposite is also possible; “yesterday was better than today.” The current age of the Internet, to put it mildly, does not encourage people to seek out new information and knowledge. Since you can find any dubious theory on the Internet and the confirmation of any propaganda fantasy, people have become confused and they are unable to differentiate between authoritative sources and non-authoritative ones.

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Aram Abrahamyan

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