Azerbaijanis vandalize an Armenian girl’s car: Fights break out between Armenians and Azerbaijanis in Los Angeles, some people injured

During the protests organized by the Armenian Youth Federation in front of the Consulate of Azerbaijan in Los Angeles on July 21st, fights broke out between Armenian protesters and Azerbaijanis.

Videos show that it all began when a group of Azerbaijanis vandalized an Armenian girl’s car.

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The police were unable to identify the Armenian protesters who attacked the Azerbaijanis. People were injured as a result of the fights.

Armenians were shouting, “Guys, come back, Armenians, come back,” but it was impossible to stop the Armenian youth. The incident took place near the consulate in Los Angeles. The Azerbaijanis left after the fight.

The Armenian youth threw the Azerbaijani flag on the ground and were walking on it. They wanted to burn the flag.

The protesters were shouting, “Shame on you, Aliyev,” “Fight, fight until the end,” “We are with our soldiers,” “We are with Artsakh and Armenia,” “Inhumane Aliyev,” and “No more war.”

Hundreds of protesters condemned the actions and attacks by Azerbaijan along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border. They said that Azerbaijan has been violating the ceasefire since 1994. They also said that Azerbaijan is lying, it is falsifying information, and it is committing acts of terrorism. The youth announced, “Our children, soldiers, and people suffer as a result of Azerbaijan’s unjustified terrorism and violence. Our smart children- Hovsep, Aram, and Sahak- suffer as a result of Azerbaijani violence.”

At the same time, they announced, “The Armenian will and determination are invincible. It is impossible to defeat Armenian unity. Azerbaijan has shown the whole world that its only goal is to attack and blame, but Armenians’ determination is undefeatable.”

The protesters announced that the powerful countries- Russia, the USA, and Europe- call for peace, but they do not direct their messages towards Aliyev. They are not telling him to stop these attacks, especially during a pandemic. “Aliyev, one day you will be brought to justice. Armenians’ will and determination are undefeatable.”

The Armenian national anthem and “Getashen” songs were sung during the protests. Protesters were chanting, “Artsakhh is Armenia,” and “Aliyev, stop the aggression.”

Tatev Harutyunyan

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