Azerbaijanis removed 65 trucks full of produce from Armenia and banned sale in Moscow

The Food City market in Moscow banned the sale of apricots from Armenia. Apricot exporter Lernik Avagyan told Aravot Daily about this. According to him, 65 trucks full of apricots were removed from the market in Moscow due to the fact that it belongs to an Azerbaijani.

“All of the trucks were removed from the market. They forced the drivers to remove the trucks without informing us. Even people who have cars with Armenian license plates are not allowed to go to the market and make purchases. Azerbaijanis from outside Russia came to the market and scared the local Azerbaijanis. They took pictures and said that if you continue to trade with Armenians, we will send these pictures to Azerbaijan and people will harm your families. An Azerbaijani friend of mine told me about this. He always used to buy produce from me, but he said that he can’t anymore because he is scared,” Lernik Avagyan said. He also said that people called and told the truck drivers who were on the way to stop until the situation at the market changes.

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Armenian exporters also asked the local Armenians to appeal to the Armenian embassy in Russian. “First of all, this is a slap in the face to the Russian government. This means that Azerbaijanis in Moscow have their own state where they can do as they please. This isn’t just an issue of several truck drivers. This is an attack on Armenian agriculture. Imagine if we aren’t able to export any produce and Armenian agriculture collapses as a result.”

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