RA National Assembly ends work of extraordinary session

On July 9, the parliament continued the work of the extraordinary session convened on the previous day in the RA NA deputies’ initiative.

The draft law on Making Amendments and Addenda to the RA Law on Automobile Roads authored by the Government with the enclosed package was debated in the second reading. The Head of Inspection Bodies’ Coordination Bureau of the Prime Minister’s Staff Artur Asoyan briefly presented the draft law and informed that objections and recommendations on the draft law were not introduced during the period from the first to the second reading.

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The Chair of the RA NA Standing Committee on Economic Affairs Babken Tunyan informed that the draft law was debated in detail at the Committee sitting. He has noted that the package is completely ready for use.

The RA Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Smbat Saiyan presented to debate before parliament the draft law on Amending the RA Law on State Allowances and the enclosed package in the second reading. According to the key speaker, the package of draft laws was debated at the Committee and recommendations were not presented during the period from the first to the second reading.

The National Assembly debated in the second reading the draft law on Making Addendum and Amendment to the Law on Prosecutor’s Office authored by the deputies Vladimir Vardanyan.and Anna Karapetyan.

According to the key and co-speakers Vladimir Vardanyan and Arusyak Julhakyan, the bill was debated in the Committee and was endorsed. No recommendations on the draft law were introduced.

The co-speaker, the RA Deputy Minister of Justice Srbuhi Galyan called on the MPs to vote for the draft law.

The parliament also debated in the second reading the draft laws on Making Addenda to the RA Administrative Procedure Code, as well as on Making Addendum to the RA Law on Military Service and the Serviceman’s Status. It was noted that no amendments were made to the draft laws.

The National Assembly by voting passed the debated draft laws and the legislative packages in the second reading.

Covering the agenda of the extraordinary session, the National Assembly ended the work.


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