In her short life Gohar Panajyan always chose her own path, never diverting from her principles and moral standards

So suddenly, so fast and in such a cruel way: why do those who we need and love most in this materialistic world, leave us…After they are gone, we are left with hollowness and the deepest pain, along with a feeling of helplessness to bring back the one who made our lives so full and so worth living.
Gohar Panajyan was one with a vivid and restless mind, a deep sense of dedication to whatever undertaking she was on, responsibility towards her own consciousness, and to all those things that make our life and existence worth living. An exceptional mother to three fantastic boys – Hayk, Tigran and Vazghen, a dedicated wife, an exceptional sister, and a deeply loved niece and cousin, adored by her friends and respected by her colleagues: this was our Gohar.

Graduating from the Secondary School No. 139 with honors (a Golden Medal), she got accepted to the Medical Department of the Yerevan State Medical University after M.Heratsi. She graduated from the Medical University with Honors as well, and proceeded to her residency to become a Obstetrician Gynecologist. She didn’t stop there: Gohar carried on to pursue a Master of Public Health degree at the American University of Armenia in 1992 – gradutaig from the first class in a discipline that was just finding its footing in Armenia’s health care sector.

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In years to come Gohar dedicated her entire career to building institutions in public health in a country that was emerging from a state-owned health care system, focusing her efforts on mother and child-care, helping bring life-saving improvements in facilities across the country. Her career spanned international organizations: she started working for UNICEF in 1999 as an Adviser to the CHief of Mission, the proceeded with a long career at USAID’s NOVA/NOVA 2 program as a Senior Expert and Trainer in mother and child care. Starting 2013, Gohar dedicated her career to the Republic of Armenia, working first as the Deputy Head of the State Health Inspection Agency, then as an Adviser to the Minister of Health in 2018. Starting January 2020, Gohar was appointed as the Deputy Head of the Health Care Inspection Agency for the Municipality of capital city of Yerevan.

Gohar was unique – a star that burned so bright that it illuminated the darkness and the gloom around her, filling the surroundings with love, warmth and kindness. In her short life Gohar always chose her own path, never diverting from her principles and moral standards.

The time was alas too short – too many dreams were left unfulfilled, too many plans were slashed… time will come however and all those who caused her pain, who put roadblocks on her path, awash with deceit, flattery and dishonesty, will have to answer to the Almighty.

Gohar’s pure soul will continue to light our way for a very long time, leading us on a path to honesty, kindness and eternal values.

The world is a smaller place without our Gohar.

With love,
Hayk, Tigran, Vazghen – sons Varuzhan Mardanyans – husband
Sona Panajyan – sister

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