Until the end of the year, in a best-case scenario

It seems that the whole world has started a race to see who will be the first to create an anti-coronavirus vaccine or medication. These statements are typically made with honest intentions to show depressed individuals that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is, of course, also an element of advertising in this; such-and-such pharmaceutical company has so much scientific potential and it is working so effectively that it is able to resolve the most pressing issue in today’s society. And, it is also normal that the company that established the coronavirus-neutralizing antibodies will receive massive profits, since millions, if not billions of doses will be necessary.

Scientists from the United States, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Israel, China, and Japan frequently speak out about their success. Since they represent leading companies, it is difficult for people to doubt that these scientists intend to manipulate society (although it is not impossible, as they sometimes overexaggerate the results of their work). As far as I understood, they are referring to the proteins present in blood plasma. They act as antibodies that suppress the virus and prevent it from penetrating healthy cells. These proteins can be separated from the blood cells of people who contracted the virus and recovered, or they can be obtained through artificial synthesis. Of course, it is easier to write about this, but actually getting effective antibodies is a gigantic and costly project.

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However, I believe that scientists will solve this problem. But people need to understand that this is not a recipe where it is possible to bake one billion pies in one day. The production of medicine or vaccinations has several stages, which, taking into consideration the urgency of the issue, may be completed at a faster pace, but it is impossible to overlook any stage. Even if the vaccine can prevent mice from getting the virus, which Italian scientists have found, this does not mean that it is effective and safe for humans. It is necessary to go through a very difficult procedure during vaccination trials (human health is not a test field for this process to be made any easier). Trials have already begun in some places, but most companies have announced that mass experiments will start in July at the earliest and will take months after checking the safety of different medications and receiving positive results.

Therefore, let’s believe in US President Donald Trump’s optimism and hope that mass vaccinations will start by the end of the year. One thing is clear: this worldwide crisis will not go away until that happens.

Aram Abrahamyan

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