Armenians as a world nation

On November 23, the annual fundraising by “Armenia” pan-Armenian foundation took place, in which, as always a lot of Armenian Diasporans and people from Armenia participated: rich people and ordinary citizens, each donated as much as they could afford themselves. Inasmuch as the fundraising of the current year was also aimed at serving to Artsakh issues, this annual fundraising was the regular and the best response to the skeptics who complain time to time, saying: “sooner or later we will concede Karabakh”, “Karabakh is sold”, etc. Even for a child of elementary school it should be plain and understandable that one having even the farthest objective of conceding Karabakh would not make such large-scale investments and expenses. And we do it. Moreover, annually. Moreover, at the moment only annual fundraisings by “Armenia” foundation indicate that. We do not speak of other investments. As regards “Armenia” foundation annual fundraisings, their results are always encouraging and if we follow the process of fundraising via TV, we become assured once again that the patriotism of Armenian Diaspora is not a sole word, but also an action. Furthermore, extremely serious and big work. During the fundraising we become convinced that we have a unified Armenian nation, due to the unified efforts of which the dreams of Armenians come true, and these are not only words, but a clear and absolute reality.

It is impossible not to get surprised by following the fundraising process. How not to get surprised, when a Canadian-Armenian teacher donates $2500, who states in her speech she has never been to Armenia. Or, how not to get surprised, when someone donates $2,5 million anonymously. Although Armenia and Armenia’s residents took an active participation in the fundraising, Diaspora’s participation, as always, was more considerable, moreover,  the whole Diaspora’s: Iran, Canada, the US, Russia and all other communities.

Very often we refer to emigration concept very tragically and give extremely much importance to immigration. It is not only Hranush Hakobyan by her “Come Home” program, but many of us. We can say, all of us. I have always thought that the ones keeping Armenia and Artsakh are firstly and mainly the ones living in Armenia and Artsakh, and I have always criticized the ones leaving Armenia, but now, by also following the annual fundraisings of “Armenia” foundation, I come to a completely different conclusion, which constitutes that the ones who have left Armenia and become Diasporans, do far more for Armenia and Artsakh than they would be able to do by staying, living and working in Armenia. It is possible that some of them would not have a normal job if they stayed in Armenia.

The ones taking me wrong can consider what I said an urge for emigration or encouraging, but the ones taking me right will agree that the contemporary Diasporans are also the ones who have left Armenia throughout the last decades and by leaving Armenia they have not lost their national features and identity, but the opposite, they have become more Armenian and filled with national ideologies. Many of us know such emigrants. Subsequently, we think the weepings on emigration topic of a lot of people is not always proper and justified. If Armenian talented violinist or pianist receives invitations from abroad and by accepting them self-sustains in orchestras of international significance and known worldwide, it should be only welcomed. The same refers to singers, painters and not only artists. It refers to all those who have an issue of consuming their artistic potential in Armenia. We, Armenians, very often, on or without occasion, bring up Jews’’ example regarding them the smartest and the most talented nation. Jews, achieving certain successes in almost all countries, never forget their nationality and do everything for the sake of their country by unified efforts. This is how Israel has sustained and become powerful, and they have become a world nation. We have become a world nation as well. If during the last century the threat of Armenians’ merging was in place for a certain scale, presently the national self-consciousness becomes stronger and stronger in the same countries. Independence and Karabakh movement have had a crucial effect on the Diaspora as well. A while ago I compared Armenia and Armenians with Israel and Jews, but now I think I could compare Karabakh and Karabakh people with Israel and Jews as well. And now I think comparing is a mistake, inasmuch as we are incomparable. And we are exceptional and international by that.


VOSKAN YEREVANTSI                           

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